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We are a global high technology startup, bringing together top technology professionals in the field of management. With a team of many years of experience, we are confident to bring our customers innovative technology solutions and lead the trend. We are not afraid to challenge to bring modern solutions to world trends.

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Artifial intelligence

Big Data

ISO Quality

Intergrated Solution

Call Center

Auto customer customer when invocation to total total

Omni Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing helps to raise customer experience.

Mass Mailling

Take care and approach thousands of customers

Business Card

Detect information from bussiness card

Face Recorgnize

Employee management and customer care by camera

Data Analytic

Data analysis and forecast the market report

Functional solutions

Dolphine CRM

Customer relationship management

Dolphine HRM

Human resource management

Dolphine POS

point of Sales

Dolphine Ecomerce


Dolphine Accounting

Accounting Management

Dolphine Warehouse

Warehouse Management

Developing Solutions

The first Gara ecosystem in Vietnam - Dolphin Gara

The strong development of the automobile import-export market in the country and the participation of big companies such as Vinfast, Thaco ... into the car assembly promised the car explores in the coming time. In order to meet business opportunities as well as enhance competition, garages are not only strong in technology but also require strong management support to improve service quality. Dolphin Gara is not only a common software but also the foundation of the first garage ecosystem in Vietnam. Where to connect car care with suppliers of spare parts and customers, creating a position for the garage in the 4.0.

Manufacturing Management - Dolphin Manu

We understand that production is the first step in all supply chains. Here, optimization and normalization are always on top. Understanding that, Dolphin Manu solution will be the perfect combination of Odoo and ISO quality standards. Our system will help the company to streamline and no longer afraid to deploy without the IT team.

Chain Store Business - Dolphin POS

Business chain is a trend not only trade of Vietnam and the world. But the fact of the chain is that the greater the loss of control the higher. The core of the problem is not the entrepreneur's ability to shop but the "store management skills". Copying formulas is very easy, so the sequence often loses its position when a competitor appears. Dolphin POS will help shop owners create positions that lead the increasingly fierce competition market and effectively manage every cost. Choosing the right management tools will determine the success of the chain.

Education Management Solution - Dolphin Edu

In the age of technology, E-learning trends are booming. Applying a software system into teaching and learning brings clear benefits to not only students, students, schools, and centers. Dolphin Edu, with its eye-catching, easy-to-use interface, will connect teaching places with thousands or even millions of students. Artificial Intelligence (AI) always ensures the standard of teaching, enhancing teaching credibility.

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